Welesgard acryl and alkyd coatings are suspension of pigments and special additives in solution of modified alkyd or acrylic binding agent, forming the systems with high resistance to corrosion.

Welesgard acryl and alkyd coatings are specially designed for effective protection of the segment of structures and equipment operated under conditions of low C2, medium C3 and high C4 atmospheric corrosion categories of media (according to ISO 12944-2), providing improved anticorrosion and weather resistance, resistance to effect of water, oils and weak chemical solutions with low costs of coating system.

Main advantages

  1. Welesgard acryl and alkyd coating systems have excellent anticorrosion resistance to adverse environmental conditions.
  2. Fast dry materials. Drying time depending on the ambient temperature ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour for the degree of «tack free» and from 30 min to 3 hours for minimum overcoating interval.
  3. Applied in one layer with a thickness from 40 to 60 μm.


is fast dry alkyd primer designed for corrosion protection of steel surfaces. It is easily by alkyd, acrylic and vinyl coatings, and is also compatible with flame retardants coating.

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