One component anticorrosion coatings, chemically cure by reaction with air moisture in the course of evaporation of solvents. The materials may be applied at high relative humidity (up to 99%), low temperatures (up to -15°C) and without restrictions on the dew point.

A series of high tech coatings that provide long term (up to 25 years) protection of steel and reinforced concrete structures, operated in the most aggressive corrosive environments C5-M, C5-I, lm-1, lm-2, lm-3 (according to ISO 12944-2). Due to the unique capabilities of applying these coatings under high humidity and at low temperatures protection of structures may be performed throughout the year, what is minimizing downtime and loss of time associated with bad weather conditions.

Main advantages

  1. One component materials eliminate errors in mixing and shelf life limits.
  2. Can be applied at high relative humidity of air (up to 99%) and low temperatures up to -15°C.
  3. No restriction on a dew point.
  4. The materials are characterized by low content of volatile organic compounds.
  5. Resistant to impact and abrasion.
  6. Remain flexible with time.
  7. Top coatings are resistant to water immersion, which allows to use them in the variable splash zone and under the water.
WG-Ferrogalvanic provides reliable protection of bolt joints under the friction coefficients of 0,45 to 0,51


is a zinc-filled and MIO (micaceous iron oxide) polyurethane primer for metal surfaces, which has not only protective, but also the barrier properties and high friction coefficient, while assembling bolt joints.


is an aluminum-filled and MIO polyurethane primer for metal surfaces, which has high wetting and adhesion properties. It is possible to apply in case of limited quality of surface preparation (to the degree St2), as well as on previously painted surfaces (repair painting).


is a thick layer polyurethane intermediate coating with MIO-filler, which has exceptional corrosion resistance and barrier properties. It can be applied in case of water immersion splashing zones and severe atmospheric condition.

WG-Weleflex Sealer

is impregnating primer for porous mineral surfaces (concrete, brick, plaster, etc.). It has a deep penetrating strength, providing high bond strength with the base.


is a weatherproof finish polyurethane coating, which can also be applied directly to surface of non-ferrous metals and metal coated base surface. It is applied in case of water immersion. Color – silver metallic.


is a semi-matte finish weatherproof polyurethane coating, which also can be applied in case of water immersion. Available in different RAL colors.

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