One component moisture curing, heat-resistant coatings based on silicone organic compounds applied as a one- or multilayer thin-film coatings for steel or aluminum structures operated under high temperature conditions.

Main advantages

  1. One component materials eliminate errors when mixing and shelf life limits.
  2. Can be applied at relative humidity up to 99% and negative temperatures up to -10°C.
  3. No restriction on dew point.
  4. Fully cured coating occurs under normal natural temperatures and does not require prior pre-heating of the surface.
  5. The best impact strength and resistance to thermal shock as compared with other types of high temperature coatings.
  6. Have a high volume solid and low content of volatile organic compounds in its class of coatings.


is one component heat resistant zinc-rich primer based on moisture curing silicone organic compounds. The coating withstands dry heat up to 400°C.


is one component heat resistant primer/top coating based on moisture curing silicon organic compounds containing aluminum powder. The coating withstands dry heat up to 600°C.

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