Spraying Two components systems with 100% dry residue, which form seamless, elastomeric, waterproof membrane for excellent protection against corrosion, as well as abrasion and mechanical damage when applying to the surface.

Welestrong polycarbamide coatings are combined by fast drying technological properties with exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics.

Main advantages

  1. It has excellent insulating properties, high hydrolytic stability, resistance to defacement and abrasion.
  2. Tack free curing of coating occurs in 10-30 seconds, and "dry hard" condition in 2 hours.
  3. It has high elasticity properties (breaking extension: 350-480%) compared with the other similar polymeric materials.
  4. Excellent adhesion to prepared concrete (>3.5 MPa - concrete destruction) and metal (>10 MPa) surfaces, as well as polyurethane heat insulation and geotextiles.
  5. Allows easy and reliably isolation of structures of complex geometric shapes.
  6. Repeats base relief that excludes damage of membrane due to punching the surface imperfection.
  7. High performance when applying membrane (over 1000 m2/day per operating unit).
  8. Characterized by high thermal stability at temperatures from -60°C to +220°C (intermittent up to +260°C in contact with a hot cast and rolled asphalt).
  9. Comprehensively solves the problem of interlayer coupling both with bases of different materials, and with top stacked different types of asphalt.
  10. Provides reliable maintenance-free protection of concrete and steel structures, protecting them from destruction for a period up to 50-60 years.


is a series of sprayed polycarbamide materials designed for waterproofing, corrosion protection, abrasion and mechanical damage of concrete , metal and composite surfaces. Depending on sphere of application WG-Welestrong is available in different versions with a wide range of properties: more solid or more flexible, with conventional or high resistance to UV light, with a standard or enhanced thermal stability.

WG-Welestrong Primer

is one component, resistant to short- term thermal stress anticorrosive weld- through primer for steel surfaces, used to protect steel after blast cleaning before applying WG-Welestrong membranes.

WG-Welestrong Sealer

is two components, resistant to short- term thermal stress, sealing primer designed to impregnate the top layer of concrete and other porous substrates. When mixing with quartz sand it is used as filler of sinks and large pores of the concrete surface before applying WG-Welestrong membranes.

WG-Welestrong AP Adhesive

is a bonding layer between the membrane WG-Welestrong and following road coating of cast asphalt.

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