Electronic micrograph of primer cross section, including zinc pigment complex

WG-Ferrogalvanic SP

One component fast dry primer based on combined binding agent and zinc pigment complex of spherical and flake shapes. It provides temporary protection of steel surfaces against corrosion for the period of manufacturing of structures, as well as their assembly after fabrication until application of corrosion protection system.

Rusty and scaly flat steel
Rolled product coated by shopprimer

It is recommended for use as shop-primer to protect steel products after the blasting cleaning, including automatic shot blast line for the period of subsequent transportation of rolled metal products, storage and assembly. The shopprimer is applied by thin layer (15-25 μm of dry film) and gives not only barrier, but also galvanic effect. Level of harmful gas evolution into the air of workplace air in the course of welding and cutting corresponds to acceptable standards.

Line of shot blasting and priming

Main advantages WG-Ferrogalvanic SP

  1. Unlike other shop-primers, this product is a one component, what generates additional ease of use (no mixing is necessary and, accordingly, no need to control the Pot life of the mixture).
  2. Very fast drying (3-5 min at T=23°C) enables to start up to move the processed rolled metal product immediately and store it safely.
  3. Coating provides protection for a period over 36 months.
  4. Rolled product protected by shop primer may be exposed to flame cutting, welding and other operations without limitation.
  5. The mechanical properties of the primer allow servicing primed rolled metal product by magnetic hoisting cranes, passing through aligning rollers or twisting frame.

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